Hot Camaro Launch!

I have long been a car admirer and have owned quite a few vehicles over the course of my adult life. In fact, counting ONLY those vehicles that were considered my personal vehicles, I have had 18 different ones as of the start of 2020!

Wow. That’s a lot. I’ve always driven a lot of miles every year, and my daily drivers would rack up the numbers on the odometer pretty quickly. This often lead to trading cars and swapping out for new ones every couple of years. My 2015 Silverado was purchased new and will be five years old in a few months. So, it’s definitely an anomaly for me. 🙂

I decided recently to take a plunge and buy a “weekend car”. After much searching, I found and purchased a Camaro SS Convertible. While I’m currently waiting to get plates for it (thanks, Governor and DMV, for not being smart about understanding that this should be an essential service), I have decided to take on some modifications to it before it even hits the street. This led me to realize that very little of what I have been searching for actually exists out there, so I decided to start a YouTube channel for it.

This post is to announce the launch of the Hot Camaro YouTube channel (available here:! I will be posting here about videos that are being added to the channel, but I’m also open to ideas about topics to cover. Leave a reply here, or better yet, hop over to the channel, subscribe, Like, and comment over there!

Here’s what I started with before any modifications:

2020 Camaro SS Convertible w/ 2SS trim package
6-Speed Manual
Magnetic Ride

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