It’s a different world that we live in today, at least for the time being. With many states mandating that people stay home as much as absolutely possible, including working from home, our lives have been significantly changed as a result.

For me, the change is actually not as significant as it is for many people. My job is one that does not require much, if any, time in an actual office location. That means that I work remote 100% of the time. The only difference for me now is that the travel portion is 0% of my time instead of about 50%, and my home office time has changed to the full 100%.

My personal life has been impacted by all of this as well, possibly more so than my work life. Aside from not getting together with friends or visiting with family now, my eating habits have changed radically. I would often think nothing of “grabbing a burger” but now I eat almost nothing that I haven’t cooked myself. Shopping trips involve much more planning ahead in terms of what I’m needing to buy, and my time in the store includes almost no “backtracking” to find something. Each shopping trip starts out with a list of ingredients that are needed to complete meals that I already have the base for (meat, for example, is much harder to find than canned vegetables and beans) and the rest of the list is other meats / proteins that I can potentially freeze and use in meals in the future.

My pantry and freezer always have about enough food for about 20 days. This gives me a full 14 days to cover if I get sick, but also includes a little extra buffer to hold me between shopping trips. I have a case of sports drinks at the ready. I have acetaminophen on hand. I have learned to freeze deli meats a few slices at a time (for an individual sandwich). What are you doing to keep yourself prepared and safe?

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